What is floatron

The floatron is a unique system that has been developed and tested extensively in the USA. It is a solar powered unit which generates mineral ions using an electrode built into the unit which in turn kills microscopic organisms such as Algae.

Even if you have had some difficulty maintaining your fish pond in the past and are looking to turn your currently murky water into crystal clear water for your fish, the floatron can come to the rescue. Our comprehensive user guide that accompanies every floatron can assist you in using the floatron in a wide variety of conditions.

More information about ionisation and the science behind the floatron is available by clicking on the "How it Works" link from the left hand side of the screen.

Another added benefit of the floatron system is that it has specifically been designed for ease of assembly and use. Assembling the unit is as easy as 1, 2 3:

  1. Hold the spring electrode down in a compressed state and screw on the mineral electrode in a clockwise direction.
  2. Place screen assembly over the electrodes and centre hole in the cage with the bore in the mineral electrode end.
  3. Thread the thumbscrew into the bore, clockwise until snug.

Now who would have thought that a space age device such as this, could be so easy to assemble!

Full operating instructions are shipped with every floatron or you can download them from our web site. We also have some best practices and tips for maintaining your pond when using the floatron. Visit "floatron in Action" from the left hand side menu to read more.

While this revolutionary device is going to save you countless hours of time in pond maintenance; not to mention the back breaking work that will no longer be necessary, there are a few requirements that your pond must meet in order to allow you to take advantage of the floatron:

Not sure on the size of your pond? We have a guide that you can download from our web site which can help you. Simply click on the "Downloads" link for more information.

If your pond satisfies those basic requirements, you are able to take advantage of the floatron today. Click on your local region from the menu above to see contact details for your local distributor.