At floatron Australia, we know our product works, because we use it ourselves. But in the face of such a revolutionary new technology that challenges the conventional way of keeping Koi Fish, some people are not convinced. We understand this, so that's why we let our customers have the final word. Below are just a select few of the people who are already taking advantage of the floatron system.


"I've got a large fish pond, about 50 feet by 15 feet with Koi in it. I used to empty it completely with a pump every so often which was an all-day, very messy job and the floatron has saved me an enormous amount of work now. I've never had to empty the pond since I've had the floatron and the water is clear."
- Stephen Nichol, WA

"My Koi Pond holds 5,000 gallons (23 Cubic Metres) and has been established over 12 years. Most days during the summer, especially if there has been sunshine, I have spent considerable time pulling out blanket weed from the pond despite the heavy use of expensive phosphate bags in the filter as well as the ultra violet system. This is the first year I have used floatron, as to the effectiveness of which I was highly sceptical. I put it in the pond in the spring and despite many very sunny days, have not had to remove any blanket weed and it is now September. The water has been sufficiently clear to see the fish, the fish are entirely unaffected by floatron and I have not brought any phosphates or the like this year. Clearing the electrode is easy and I do it once a fortnight in about 15 minutes. Better than half an hour pulling out blanket weed!"

- V. W. Cheshire, UK

"The pond had a large amount of algae etc. making the pond water quite opaque. The pond is large and seep, and is a good test for the floatron. Not much change in the water clarity became apparent until a few weeks ago. About a fortnight ago it had become obvious that the water was becoming much clearer, and that the algae etc was disappearing which I can attribute only to the floatron.

The clearer water has revealed some debris in the bottom of the pond. We are now permitting the pond water level to fall somewhat to enable the gardener to remove the debris. The pond will then be topped up, after which it will be possible to demonstrate the floatron in a "clear" pond, which can be contrasted with the pond's former "murky" conditions."

- A. J. L., Malaysia

"When I put the first one in my main Koi Fish pond, I have to say I was doubtful of the results. For years I have been trying to cope with the problems of blanketweed, especially in the hot weather, and have tried a variety of chemicals with little success. The weed would clog the bottom drain which would block the filter and ultra violet light to the point that the only resort was to drain the pond and clear the weed by hand - an expensive process and stressful to the fish.

My wife saw your advertisement in the Spectator and persuaded me to give it a try. This coincided with yet another pond clearing exercise and more advice from a couple of 'experts' - who this time recommended bundles of barley straw! (This would have been so unsightly; there would be no purpose on keeping a Koi pond). In fact, I was getting to the point of abandoning anyway. So when I installed the floatron, it was in new clear water.

ASince this was done in early May, the water has remained clearer than I have ever known it, in spite of the recent extremely hot weather. The effect is that a greenish sludge accumulates at the bottom of the pond which is sucked through the drain into the filter unit from which I can easily pump it out from the first filter tank at two weekly intervals.

But I did want to let you know how delighted we are with the results. Having little scientific knowledge I have no idea of why or how it works, but it does."

- R. J. Brown, NSW

"We leave it in all year round and it is great, just great. I tell everybody about it."

J.O'D. Noosaville QLD

"My filtering time is now negligible. I only run my salt chlorinator 6 - 7 hours per month. After 2 - 3 days of rain my pool used to go green and after that and the other problems I used to have my pool now looks great. The Floatron is unreal."

L.W. Forest Hills, QLD

"We are really pleased. The Floatron has cured all the problems that we had with our pool."

R.S. Banalong, NSW

"Your Floatron, which we purchased about a year ago, has worked very well right through the year. I thought that you would like to know how happy we are with the Floatron."

M.P. Thornleigh, NSW

"When testing the water after installing the Floatron the pool shop said, "What have you got in your pool? It's purer than drinking water!And our pool is a beautiful blue - we love it."

Mrs M. Capalaba, QLD

"It works! It took a while -1 have a 90,0001tr pool and it had a major stain on one side. Then nearly 4 weeks after installing the Floatron it was gone and my pool has been sparkling clear ever since. Chlorine use has been bugger all!"

B.T. Dubbo, NSW

"I think it's absolutely brilliant. The trouble I had -1 kept going down to the pool shop and I'd spend $200 just to put chlorine and chemicals in it. I just got fed up with it and got a Floatron. I used to put around about two litres of liquid chlorine a day in it and even then at Christmas time it went green. I kept going back to the bloke at the pool shop and he kept saying put chlorine in it and I ended up putting 60 litres of chlorine and other chemicals in within about two weeks about $220 worth! And even with all that I just couldn't get it to come clean. Just after that I started using Floatron and I can say it's brilliant. I talked to the guy at the pool shop about it and he told me it was a waste of money. He said that once you get a few different days with a bit of rain or a bit of the heat you'll see what they're like. Well, we've had rain, we've had everything and it's crystal clear. The mate of mine who put me onto it and I were going to get some Floatron flyers and stand outside the pool shop and hand them out, I was that upset with the bloke at my local pool shop. I got fed up with him. He was the one that said Floatron's no good. If I had have bought the Floatron before Christmas I reckon I would have paid for it by now. But I've got no trouble with Floatron. I reckon it's magic!"

Clint Vandavikovic, Qld