How it Works

There is a lot of marketing hype around products that are so radically different to anything else on the market, so people will naturally ask how the system works, so that they can make up their own mind.

The floatron uses a chemical process known as ionisation in order to exert a lethal influence on microscopic organisms such as algae.

The unit consists of electrodes that are powered by a Solar Cell on the top of the unit. The electrodes cause an electrochemical reaction and form ions. The ions scatter throughout the water as the unit floats around the pond, controlling the algae as it goes.

The system really works! The University of Arizona has conducted numerous studies and determined that the mineral ions created by the floatron unit are extremely effective in mineralizing the water - with beneficial minerals which are inhospitable to microorganisms but no consequence to larger plants or fish.

Now that's a huge difference!

"Whoa, now hold on! You keep referring to this thing called Ionisation. What exactly is it, and will it harm my fish?"

Above: Underwater view of ionisation

Ionisation is a chemical process and it does occur naturally in the environment. In simple terms, it is the process of taking apart a material, atom by atom. The ionisation process is exactly how water is able to accumulate trace minerals which help to maintain the purity.

The technique has been practised for many thousands of years; by storing water in copper and silver containers, ancient Romans kept it fresh and free from algae and bacteria.

The floatron unit is designed specifically to take advantage of a chemical reaction that occurs naturally - the solar panel and the electrodes simply speed up the process to help you maintain clean, healthy water for your fish!

The floatron will work in swimming pools as well as fish ponds. It is a natural way to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. It is safe, non-toxic and also very economical on your power costs.