Introduction to floatron

floatron has proven success in swimming pools, water features and Koi Fish Ponds in the USA, UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and many more countries - some 25 in total.

The floatron is a power saving device. 80% of power is saved on your pond or in your pool. The floatron is solar powered, which will save you energy and money on your power bills, while making your pond filters and pumps last longer due to reduced pumping time.

Ultraviolet (UV) will not attack filamentous algae. These are the types of algae that appear as long green fans on fixtures such as water falls and fountains. In the past, these nuisances had to be manually removed. When you put a floatron in your pond, you can now control these nuisances, eliminating the back breaking work of having to drain your pond on a regular basis.

The floatron comes with a special instruction manual on how to use the unit with Koi fish and how to control algae and blanket weed in large ponds where waters are captive - ie, no inflow or outflow of water. UV filter systems are excellent at killing the algae but leave the cleaned free water vulnerable to another algae attack. This is where the floatron comes into its own. By using the floatron alongside UV systems, Blanket weed will not grow and the mineralized water from floatron will not be subject to repeated algae growth. Blanket weed and algae growth are easy to control when using a floatron.

At floatron Australia, we know just how easy it is to keep your fish healthy when using our amazing system, but if you aren't convinced, you shouldn't just take our word for it. Have a look at our Customer Testimonials to see exactly what our customers are saying about the product.

No doubt when you become a user of the floatron system, you will be  another person saying that "Keeping Fish Is Easy With floatron!"

You can purchase the unit for use in your Koi Fish Pond directly from Floatron Australia, by selecting your country from the menu above. Alternatively, you can contact a local distributor in your country or region.

Want to distribute the floatron? We are now looking for expressions of interest to distribute the floatron in the Asia Pacific region. If you are interested in receiving more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact